The celebrities INSURANCE GUY

Everybody has “a guy”. I’m proud to be (some of) the celebrities’ insurance guy. Yeah, insurance doesn’t sound too sexy, but wait to see how your attitude will change when I drop the $1,000,000 check at your door if you hurt yourself or if you got sick and you can’t play / act / perform / create.

I’m proud to have helped many celebrities (and non-celebrities) insure their assets, whether it’s insuring their hands, their voice or ability to sing, play an instrument, or simply insure their full body or only a few body parts for millions.

Fame and good looks come and go, but your income shouldn’t! Make sure you’re bringing in the “dough” even long after you’re unable to perform in your main occupation (act, sing, create, play sports, etc).


Call the celebrity insurance guy today: Daniel “LifeGuy” Dragan  (239) 466-4466 or email  (or you can have your people call my people).

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