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Entertainment Industry

Actors, singers, performers insurance

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Sports and Athletes

Protecting your sports career with insurance

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Artists and Creators

Insure your ability to create art

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Entertainment Industry Insurance

One of the most challenging but also rewarding industry to insure is the entertainment industry. The main challenge is that very few insurance companies are willing to work with entertainers, actors, musicians, singers, artists, composers due to the high risks involved – however the few companies that do offer protection in this arena are very […]

Artists and Creators Insurance

As an artist, you depend on your ability to create new art and stay relevant, in order to continue making an income. Your biggest fear is probably that maybe one day you’ll lose your vision, or hurt your hands and can’t make art anymore. What if an injury or illness will prevent you from creating […]

Sports and Athletes Insurance

Athletes are the most prone to accidents and injuries. A simple twisted tendon or broken ankle and your career may be over. Don’t let a potential early retirement due to a medical reason bring with it financial ruin in your life. I insure athletes, sportsmen, players and their ability to perform, making sure they can […]

Key-person Insurance Protection

Has your company invested a lot in a key employee and it’s on the hook to lose a lot if something happens with your key asset? We can insure that risk in order to minimize or eliminate the loss to your business, in the event a top performer gets sick or injured and facing early […]