Frivolous publicity stunt, or sound financial decision?

We all read the various tabloids articles which are trying hard to get readers by using titles like “this celebrity just got this frivolous body parts insurance to protect their assets” whether referring to celebrity’s voice, chest hair, mustache, legs, breasts, etc. While the mustache or chest hairs could be considered a publicity stunt, most body parts insurance policies make complete sense financially, if something happens to the insured.

Let’s take as example the most important person in the worldYOU! Let’s say you make $100,000 per year income, just to use a round number (in your mind, do the math using your actual annual income). If a drunk driver hits your car, breaking your back as a result, you may lose your income until you recover, or for life. In ten years, how much income would you lose? Do the math. Wow, that’s an impressive number, right? Now, does it make sense to insure your future income if some medical issue (illness or accident) makes you lose your paycheck? You bet it does!

So, next time you read about some celebrity insuring their hands, vocal cords, legs or the entire body, congratulate them for a sound financial decision and then come back here and start looking into insuring your future potential income yourself.

The best part? Full body disability insurance IS AFFORDABLE, and even YOU can get it. Rates may be as low as $80 monthly, depending on your age, benefit amount needed, etc. Just ask for a quote and check the rates. Don’t go broke if your body breaks!

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